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I was pleasantly surprised by this adorable corner restaurant in the quaint Fort Green neighborhood of Brooklyn. If you closed your eyes while drinking their cocktails, you definitely are transported to somewhere sunny on a beach in the Caribbean! What stood out most to me was their fish tacos–they were so juicy and flavorful! When …

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Salt + Charcoal

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I would skip the sushi section (save the sushi for a proper sushi restaurant) and go right for the meats! This was one of the best steakhouses I’ve dined at in NYC and it’s unique from that traditional steakhouse experience as it has that Japanese influence.

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The Bedford

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The Bedford is a legitimate gastropub in the ever-trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg. A few short blocks from the L stop at Bedford, appropriately named restaurant, The Bedford, is a quaint neighborhood gastropub with that antique-y looking feel inside that makes you want to steal everything to decorate your apartment! The best part? They serve …

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The Brooklyn Winery has opened up a sister restaurant in the burgeoning Crown Heights, Brooklyn, which has a beautiful interior with great food, and of course, wine! It also happens to have one of my favorite double cheese burgers!

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Seven Point Espresso

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I have nothing but great things to say about this adorable Australian Café. Mostly because it’s more than just a café serving up pretty, delicious teas and coffees!
​The food here is just really outstanding and totally impressive when you take a look at how small the kitchen is. Not only …

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Llama Inn

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This upscale Peruvian restaurant is one of the restaurants I always refer to when people ask me “what’s your favorite restaurant?”. The food here is executed very well and it’s always consistently good!

It happens to have one of my favorite dishes….ever…the beef stir fry.

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