Uncle Jack’s Meat House

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It was hard to pick what dishes I recommend because not only did I eat a lot when I was there but so many of them were great! I think the bacon was by far the best. It was extra thick cut and smoked to perfection with this delicious glaze on it and presented in …

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This place is known for its Detroit-style pizza but do NOT forget to order the burger it’s one of the BEST in NYC! The first location in Williamsburg was such a hit that they opened a second (thank the pizza and burger gods!) in West Village.

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This is one of my ultimate go-to places for lunch when I’m craving a good sandwich and don’t want to settle for your average bodega deli sandwich. I also love stopping here and getting a sandwich for the plane before I had to the airport.

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This place started in DC and had such a cult following that New Yorkers were lucky enough to get to experience &pizza themselves. I love all the different possibilities you can make if you “do it yourself” and they even have vegan cheese and gluten free pizza dough!

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Not only does this place have an amazing, classic cheeseburger but you can feel good about eating here! Creamline boast themselves as a “farm to tray” eatery. What makes Creamline stand out is their dedication to using local ingredients and the obvious care and attention that goes into everything they put out to their customers. …

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