Osteria Morini

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They have a great happy hour menu that not only includes drinks but also food! There are enough options that you could make it a small dinner with drinks. My favorite was the Piadina di Mortadella–basically an Italian style quesadilla with mortadella, marinated peppers, and provolone

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Ribalta Pizza

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Mafaldine Al Ragu:

Gnocci al Pesto:

Mimosa Pizza:

Right off Union Square, this is a perfect spot to rest your feet after some shopping and indulge in fresh pastas and pizzas!

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Olio e Piú

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I love the location of this restaurant right in the hustle bustle of West Village with the option to dine outdoors. The pastas here are all fresh and made in house and they also have Neapolitan style pizzas.

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Uva has always and will always be a special place for me. When I first moved to NYC over 6 years ago from today, I lived in the Upper East Side. UVA quickly became one of my favorite restaurants in the area and was always where I would celebrate birthdays, bring guests visiting me, or …

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Speedy Romeo

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I do not say this lightly… that Speedy Romeo’s is one of my favorite, if not THE favorite, brunch place in New York City. They specialize in wood-fired pizzas with a slightly thinner crust than your average NYC slice (which I prefer). They offer about 10 different pizzas or an option to make your own …

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Italian Cook Shoppe

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A recent addition to East Village, Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe is serving up quality Italian food in an adorable brick interior! Just one dinner experience at Tableside made it one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. It’s one of those places that now quickly rolls off my tongue as a great restaurant to …

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