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Nina Joy

Nina Joy

Growing up with an Italian mother, I was privileged with a home cooked meal almost every night of the week. First came my interest in delicious–and mostly Italian–food. Then came my interest in cooking as I began by recreating my mother’s dishes: pasta bolognese, cauliflower pasta, chicken piccata, etc. ¬†Over the years, I broadened my cuisines with everything from Asian to Hawaiian. Lastly, I became interested in photography and naturally put all three of these together to become a true foodie, photographer, and a self proclaimed amateur chef.

I live and work in Manhattan so needless to say I’m spoiled by the diverse, plentiful and (often) high quality food of the city. When I’m not eating my way through the Big Apple, I do data analysis in the healthcare field. Starting a blog wasn’t an interest of mine until recently after months of family, friends and even distant friends asking me for recipes or encouraging me to start a food blog. My hope is that this will be an informative and enjoyable way to share what I learn about cooking and eating.