Salt + Charcoal

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I would skip the sushi section (save the sushi for a proper sushi restaurant) and go right for the meats! This was one of the best steakhouses I’ve dined at in NYC and it’s unique from that traditional steakhouse experience as it has that Japanese influence.

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Uncle Jack’s Meat House

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It was hard to pick what dishes I recommend because not only did I eat a lot when I was there but so many of them were great! I think the bacon was by far the best. It was extra thick cut and smoked to perfection with this delicious glaze on it and presented in …

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Boucherie is a classic French restaurant in the heart of West Village and known for it’s high quality cuts of meat. I recommend both their brunch and dinner menus! Their classic Steak Frites aux Poivres is always cooked perfectly and served with a delicious and colorful sauce and the most perfect French fries to boot! …

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Hunt & Fish Club

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A swanky establishment in Midtown, serving up great steaks with a side of excellent service.
I recently dined at the Midtown steakhouse that’s known for its frequent celebrity diners. Although I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t run into Beyoncé at dinner, I was not at all disappointed by the 42 …

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